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naruto_bases's Journal

Naruto Bases
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Hello and welcome to the naruto_bases community. This community will be a place where naruto base makers come and share their bases. Icons are welcomed however all icons are encouraged to enter the naruto_awards.


1. All bases must be naruto centered, all characters welcomed.
2. File size must be less than 40k
3. Image dimensions must be no larger than 100x100 pixels
4. File format must be either PNG, GIF or JPG
5. Post your requirements (who or where credit is to be given) in each post.
6. Please no hotlinking the bases.
7. If post a bulk of bases please use a lj cut.
8. Add any type of spoilers that is needed.
9. Fanart is welcome if it is your own.

If you need a image host site, please visit:

image shack
village photo

I (ice_kitty) own and moderate this community, so please feel free to contact me with any questions. All credits for brushes/or and/textures will be hosted in the memories. If you have a user or a community that you would like to add please let me know and I will give the credits.